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Professional Roots Blower Manufacturer

HDSR three lobe roots blower

HDSR roots blower(9.8 to 58.8kPa)

HDSR roots blower(9.8 to 58.8kPa) 

HDSR Series Three Lobe Roots Blower

*Flow Rate: 0.67-198 m3/min

*Differential Pressure: 9.8-58.8 kpa (98-588 mbar)

*Inlet & Discharge Diameter: DN50-DN350

*Cooling type: air cooling

*Transmission: belt driven or direct coupling

*Motor: SIEMENS or other brand as you need. 380V, 50Hz, different voltage pls note it out.

1. Application:

HDSR three lobe roots air blower has been in the market for a long time, reliable and stable performance shows its high quality. It is widely used in electric power plant, sewage treatment system, chemical fertilizer plant, pneumatic conveying system, aquaculture aeration, cement plant, paper plant, food plant, etc.

HDSR roots blower(9.8 to 58.8kPa)

Roots Blowers in HDSR series has a wide range of capacity and pressure rise, ensuring it can service for most industrial application. It can be used for conveying clean air, natural gas, bio-gas, nitrogen, hydrogen, methane, and other neutral gas.Explosive proof and corrosive proof is available. Roots blower accessories are available, too.

2. Product Advantages:

*Focus on researching & manufacturing roots blower since 1985. Over 15 years' OEM, ODM experience.
*Strict QC system; Over 10 years blower body service life; 12 months warranty.
*Traditional Japanese technology; Processed by Germany CNC machine; Equipped with Gates belts, SKF bearings, TTO oil seal.
*Provide customized service, meet all your application requirements
*Prompt delivery time: within 2 weeks after receipt of payment or L/C. Timely online service: response within 1 workday.
*Flexible payment terms. Special discount 3% for regular customers.
*Noise level < 96 

3. Blower Drawing:
HDSR roots blower(9.8 to 58.8kPa)

Drawing for roots blower is available, but the accurate dimension should be according to the actual. If you have special design or idea about the roots blower you need, pls note it out when inquiry, there's a professional technical team in our company to provide you a perfect plan.

Besides, we also provide ROOTS BLOWER OEM/ODM service. If you have interest, pls contact us directly.


Generally, for roots blowers conveying clean air, we produce the whole set roots blowers, it is much convenient for installation and maintenance. But if you only want the blower body, we also could provide. There are enough goods in storage to satisfy your needs.

4. Package & Delivery:

HDSR roots blower(9.8 to 58.8kPa)

For package, we take use of plywood crates with steel frame for packaging. If you have special needs, we also could satisfy you. 

Such kind of package for our three lobes roots blowers is very fitable, it can protect our roots blowers arrive at your project in their best condition.

 (Beside, for considerting about the environmental protection, you can reuse the package or place them in the right place.)

HDSR roots blower(9.8 to 58.8kPa)

For delivery, it's different according to blower models and quantity. You can contact with us for this. For sometimes there maybe a tight schedule in our factory, the delivery time may be much longer, if you have urgent need in our three lobe root blowers, we can adjust the producing and delivery for you. But pls confirm the accurate time with our service team.

5. After-sale Service:

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