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How to choose a proper aeration blower for fish pond?

 Aeration roots blower is widely used in sewage treatment and fish or shrimp farming industry. The main function of aeration blower is for providing oxygen or clean air. In fish and shrimp farming, its main usage is conveying clean air. But how to choose a proper size aeration blower? it may be a little difficult for some new comers in this industry. Here we will give you some advice:

1. Flow rate:
Firstly we should have an idea of the farming area, pond dimension, farming density, blower quantity, blower capacity, etc. In this way, we can have a clearer specification of aeration blowers, then we could contact a professional aeration blower manufacturer. 

2. Pressure rise:
Pressure specification is very important in aeration blower choosing, it is depended on the water depth. The deeper, the higher. If the pressure rise is not enough, it would effect the result of aeration. If you are  new comer in the fish farming, you can ask the aeration blower factory for help. 

3. Motor:
After we make sure the flow rate and pressure differential, we can choose a proper motor now. According to the capacity and pressure of aeration blower, we can choose a blower model. If we choose a larger motor, it would be many energy wasting; otherwise would not arrive the aeration aim. 

4. Professional advice:
If you have no idea about the capacity, pressure rise, motor power and related specifications, don't worry, contact a professional aeration blower factory, their technician would help you to analyse specifications and help you to choose a proper aeration blower for your fish ponds. 

If you have any other question about choosing proper aeration blowers for sewage treatment system or fish farming, you can contact me directly. We can provide you a perfect solving plan within 24 hours. 

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