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How to reduce the noise level of high pressure roots blower?

 Roots blowers are widely used in different industries, but there are different inquiries of roots blowers in different projects. From blower model to blower specifications, or different pressure rise, some projects even have limitation in noise level. For example, in hospital and living residential, roots blowers in these aera should be in low noise level. But how to reduce the noise level of roots blower? what can we do in such a condition?
1. Use high accurate gears:
During the operating of gears, it may produce some noise. High quality gears are in high accuracy, they can cooperate well during operating. 
2. Choose better bearings:
Bearings are the parts holding impellers. If the quality of bearings is much higher, it can enlarge the service life of impeller, too. If there's something wrong with bearings, it would effect the whole set roots blower as well.
3. High quality impellers:
High quality impeller of roots blower has a better performance in balance. If they are treated well in banlance, the vibration of roots blower would be controlled within a small range, and reduced the noise level in some points. 
4. Choose three lobe roots blower:
Three lobe roots blower is dispositive placement blower, thanks to its special structure, it produces lower vibration, as a result, it causes lower noise level. 
5. Use acoustic enclosure equipment:
If you have any special limitation in noise level, but the roots blower can't satisfy you in noise control. You can consider to choose a proper size acoustic enclosure. It can help you to reduce and control the noise produced by roots blower. 
6. Equipe inlet and outlet silencer with roots blowers:
Silencers of roots blower can reduce most noise produced by blower.
If you have limitation in noise level, it would be much better to tell the roots blower factory when you inquiry. They would provide you a proper plan if they are professional enough. 
If you have any more question about how to reduce noise level of roots blowers, pls feel free to contact us, we will give you a perfect plan within 24 hours. 

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