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Roots blowers also could be used in cement industry

Recently, our after-sale service technician came back from Tajikistan. He went to the cement project for installation and debugging our roots blowers. Bellowing is some of pictures taken in that project. 
Roots blowers also could be used in cement industry
Roots Blower is one important equipment for cement processing plant. It has many applications in such projects, such as providing enough oxygen for the kiln, providing air power for pneumatic conveying system, ventilation, dust collecting, etc. Roots Blowers produced in our factory--Huadong Blower Co.,Ltd, is the best choice for cement plant, why? 

Blowers in roots type has been in the market for several decades, and there are many manufacturers all over the world, producing and selling different types of blowers, with different specifications and structures. How do you know why Huadong Blower is the best one of them? 

Huadong Blower was established in the 1980s, developed from a small workshop into a group company with more than 500 employees nowadays, producing more than 1000 sets roots blowers per month. Roots Blowers produced here are used in different projects all over the world. What's more, we have been the top 500 enterprises roots blower supplier. 

Roots Blowers produced here are in three lobe roots blower, twin lobes roots blower, roots vacuum pump, conveying clean air, bio gas, natural gas, nitrogen, hydrogen and other neutral gas in different industries. It can be used in cement processing plant, electric power plant, metallurgy industry, pneumatic conveying system, aquaculture aeration, chemical plant, food mill, paper processing plant, etc. 

Roots Blower fans are equipped with world famous brand accessories, such as SKF/NSK bearings, SIEMENS motor, GATES V-belts, etc. Machined by introduced CNC machining centers, blower pumps can service a long time more than 19 years. We provide one year's warranty since you received our blower products. What's more, technical guidance is available here. 

If you have any interest in blowers, pls feel free to contact us. 

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