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Roots air blower for waste water treatment system

In waste water treatment system, there are many process need roots air blowers, for example, ventilation or gas collecting/treating, aeration, back-washing, etc.
Roots air blower for waste water treatment system 
For ventilation, it uses centrifugal fan usually. Centrifugal fans have a wider range of flow rate, lower pressure than roots air blower. In this way, it is proper for ventilating.  

For aeration and back-washing, roots air blower is the better choice. For roots blower has a large pressure range, it can realize pressure differential from 9.8 to 98kPa, our HDSR series three lobe roots blower's flow rate is from 0.67 to 198.1m3/min, fitting for aeration's needs. 

As a professional manufacturer of blower, Huadong Blower has both roots blower and centrifugal fan for your waste water treatment systems. If you have need in this field, pls provide me some specifications like bellowing: 

pressure range:
flow rate:
conveying medium:
medium temperature:

If you have other requirements, pls also provide them to us. 
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