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Aeration Air Blower for Sewage Treatment Project

 Aeration is very important  in  whole sewage treatment system, engineers may consider about using several aeration air blower for this process. But there are so many different kinds of blowers on the market, which kind of aeration blower fits for the project?

There are two main different ways for aeration: mechanical aeration and blast aeration. 

Mechanical aeration fits for small size aeration ponds. Taking use of  impeller mixs water to increasing oxygen in waste water. But it has limitation in depth of impeller and the rotating speed. 

Blast aeration, engineers often consider about  roots blower, centrifugal fan or other types of blower. In this way, it takes use of aeration pipe or plate placed in the bottom of pond. It is much more convinient and adjustable, no limitation about the water depth or the size of ponds. 

Shandong Huadong Blower Co.,Ltd can supply you such kind of aeration blowers, and some other related equipments, such as sewage pump, aeration pipe/plate, etc. 

If you have any need in this side, pls contact us, We can try our best to help you. 

Felicia Lin 
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