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ETP air blower/ETP blower supplied from factory directly

 In Shandong Huadong Blower Co.,Ltd, there are several types of blowers that can be used as sewage treatment blower, such as STP roots blower, STP centrifugal blower, STP rotary blower, STP ring blower, etc. Sewage treatment blower produced here is in high quality. One of our customer emailed to us that.“ It's my best choice to buy your blower for this project, they save me a lot in maintenance! "

In waste water treatment system, there are two main processings need air blower--back-washing and aeration. In these processing, waste water treatment blower can show its great power. 

For waste water treatment back-washing blower, it may be roots blower, or centrifugal fan blower. If the project is in the downtown or some place has limitation in noise level, engineers may consider to add an acoustic enclosure for blower. In this way, they can reduce the noise level and work more efficiently. 

For sewage treatment aeration blower, it may take use of roots air blower, centrifugal blower, etc. In this processing, it needs more oxygen for reaction of the pond. 

If you also want a reliable sewage treatment blower supplier, just contact Huadong Blower! It also will be your best choice!

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