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Huadong Blower can produce natural gas conveying blower

 As a manufacturer of blower for decades, Huadong Blower masters how to produce high quality natural gas conveying blower. It will be your best choice if you have Huadong Blower as main blower supplier. 

For natural gas conveying, explosion proof is one of the most important part. In Huadong Blower, engineers designed special cover in the inner housing case of blower and its accessories. Equiped with anti-explosive motor, the blower can avoid explosion in the great degree. 

What's more, if the natural gas escape from the blower housing case, it will be a great dangerous reason, too. Our engineers cooperated the piston ring sealing methods with our anti-explosion blower. In this way, natural gas could keep conveying in the sealing tunnel. This method also saves a lot of energy. 

If you have any interest in such a high quality and reliable natural gas conveying blower, contact me directly! 

I can try my best to help you!

Felicia Lin 

Email: felicia@chinarootsblower.com
Mobile: 0086-1831549878
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