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Sewage treatment blower for water treatment system

 There are so many types of blowers on the market, but which kind of blower fits for your sewage treatment system? You may have no idea about this, Now let's make an introduction to this. 

First, ROOTS BLOWER is the most common blower for sewage treatment system, it's energy saving, air conveying clean with no oil. You can choose three lobe roots blower or twin lobe roots blower according to your actual need.

Second, CENTRIFUGAL FAN is another choice for sewage treatment. It has large flow rate, but its air pressure is small. It fits for some conditions that has no special limits for air pressure. 

Third, RING BLOWER is also a good choice for sometimes. If your sewage treatment system has limitation for the noise level, you can choose this kind of blower. 

What's more, there are many other blowers, such as rotary blower, etc. When you choose a sewage treatment blower, you should consider about many reasons. Only taking all these reasons in consideration, you can choose a proper blower for your sewage treatment system. 

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