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Professional Roots Blower Manufacturer

Pneumatic Conveying

Blower For Pneumatic

Roots blower provide motive power for the whole system to conveying powder material in the pipe. 

Huadong Blower can provide you the whole pneumatic conveying system or some parts of it, such as blower, silo, etc. 


1. Shandong Shouguang Bilong flour mill:

Blower For Pneumatic

Model: HDSR-200

Pressure: 50kpa

Flow rate: 45m3/min

Motor power: 75kw

Product line output: 500 t/d

2. Xinjiang Xichu Cement Production Line:
Blower For Pneumatic

Model: HDSR-250

Pressure: 45kpa

Flow rate: 80m3/min

Motor power: 90kw

3. Shanxi Coal Group Huangling Coal-Chemical:

Blower For Pneumatic

Model: HDRR-L84

Pressure: 49kpa 

Flow rate: 178m3/min

Motor power: 200kw

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