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Centrifugal fan

Centrifugal fan

General Centrifugal Fan:

    Includes 4-72-11, F/B4-72-11, 9-19, 9-26, 9-28, 8-09, 9-12, 4-68, 6-30 etc. 
   Flow rate: 561 to 294702m3/h
  Air pressure: 167 to 21931Pa
  Motor: 0.55 to 1800kw
  Driving type: V-belts/ direct coupling
  Cooling type: air cooling
Centrifugal fan
Industrial Boiler&Kiln Centrifugal Fan and Induced Draft Fan:
      Includes G/Y4-73, Y5-47, Y5-48, G/Y6-41, G4-68, Y4-68, Y8-39, Y9-38, G/Y5-51, G/Y6-51 etc. models.
    Flow rate: 403 to 810000m3/h
    Air pressure: 343 to 10095 pa
    Motor: 0.55 to 1800kw
    Driving type: v-belts/ direct coupling
    Cooling type: air cooling
Centrifugal fan

Multistage Centrifugal Fan
Double stage roots blower
Pneumatic conveying system
Ring blower
Centrifugal fan
Rotary blower
Roots vacuum pump
Biogas blower
HDSR-MJ compact roots blower
HDL twin lobe roots blower
HG three lobe roots blower
HDLH three lobe roots blower
HDSR three lobe roots blower
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