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7 points should be noticed during sewage treatment blower maintenance

 Roots blower has a wide range of usage, it is widely used in waste water treatment system. There are also many points that we should pay attention to during maintenance. 

1. Check the oil returning condition. 
2. Check the pipe line whether there's any foreign objects in the pipe. Open the valves, or the blower would work with load, it would damage the blower body. 
3. Check the noise level and vibration of blower.
4. Check the pressure of cooling water. If water pressure is higher than oil pressure, it may come into the oil tank.
5. Check the oil tank, including the oil level, oil pressure and other points.
6. Check the v-belts if the blower is transmissioned by v-belts. If it is direct coupling, check the couplings condition.
7. Check the gear lub-oil.

If you want to know more details, pls feel free to contact me. 

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