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blowers used in brewery

In brewery‚ there’re great need in blowers‚ for example‚grain conveying‚ grain washing‚ grain drying‚ ventilation‚ grain fermentation‚ dust collecting and cleaning‚ air knife for bottle drying‚ waste water treatment‚ etc.

Twin lobe roots blower manufacturers in China

Twin lobe roots blowers are also in great need in the market these years. But there are little manufacturers which could produce twin lobe roots blower‚Huadong Blower is one of them.

Conveying medium of roots blower should be clean!

Recently‚ many customers ask us for suggestion--what we should do if conveying medium has dust. As we all know‚ if there’s dust or some particals in the conveying medium‚ it will effect the normal operating of roots blower. If the dust density is much larger‚ it would hinder the moving of impeller‚ even damage them.

Methane explosion proof blower with explosive proof motor

As we all know‚ methane is explosive and flammable. If we use common blower for conveying methane without any explosive proof‚ it would be very danger.

Chemical gas conveying blower in good tightness

In chemical plant‚ there are different types of gases as production or material. They need to be conveyed from one tank to another for some special treatment. Some of these gas are poisonous‚ they are very dangerous if leakage. As a result‚ there’s a serious limitation for chemical conveying blower--it must be in good tightness avoid gas escape from conveying process.

Methane explosive proof blower

Methane is explosive‚ during its conveying process‚ the conveying equipement should be in explosive proof. Otherwise this process would be dangerous.

Methane gas processing blower with explosive proof treatment

Methane is widely used as a clean fuel gas.In its conveying process‚ there need a pressure increasing equipment‚ most projects choose roots blower to play this role.

Natural gas conveying blower for Thailand

Natural gas conveying blower should be explosive proof. If not‚ it would be much dangerous for operating.

Shellfish aquaculture aeration blower

Shellfish also need aeration in someday lacking oxygen.

Piscine culture aeration blower for sale

There are many farm ponds for fish‚ shrimp‚ crab‚ shellfish‚ or any others‚ many of them in summer may have a great loss because of lacking oxygen in the pond. How to avoid such a condition? To add an aeration blower for the pond!
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