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The construction of centrifugal fan

A brief introduction of centrifugal fan.

Brief Introduction of centrifugal fan

Centrifugal fan is widely used in many industries, here we can make a brief introduction to this matter.

The inlet silencer of HDSR series roots blower

Our inlet silencer is special designed for HDSR series roots blower.

Several types of blower used in sewage treatment system

There are so many types of blowers that could be used in waste water treatment system, but which one you should choose is decided by the actual condition.

Specifications of waste water treatment roots blower

Different type of waste water treatment system needs different roots blowers, they may have same usage, but they have different specifications.

HDSR series roots blower can serve for a system of a city

Our sewage treatment roots blower fits for different type of waste water treatment system.

Some matters need attention before opretationg roots blower

There are some matters need attention before we operating our roots blower for sewage treatment system, only in this way, we could keep our waste water treatment roots blower in good condition.

Accessories of sewage treatment roots blower

HDSR series roots blower used in sewage treatment system has many accessories.

To reduce noise of sewage treatment roots blower

HDSR series roots blower consided about how to reduce noise in waste water treatment system.

Roots Blower is energy saving in water treatment system

roots blower can be made as energy saving in waste water treatment system.
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