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Several kinds of pneumatic conveying systems

According to different needs from different industries or medium, there are several kinds of pneumatic conveying systems fitting for them. But all of them have one common--they can only convey dry powder medium from the storage to their destination.

Some advantages of pneumatic conveying system

The pneumatic conveying system is widely used in many industries here, it has so many advantages.

A brief introduction of pneumatic conveying system

Pneumatic conveying system is widely used in many industries, such as cement industry, flour conveying, chemical industry, etc.

The reason of vibration of centrifugal fan

Vibration and noise can not be avoided during the operation process of centrifugal fan.

Centrifugal fan is widely used in aquaculture

Centrifugal fan can fit for many industries, such as aeration for workshops, tunnels, furnace, or for pneumatic conveying, etc.

Centrifugal fan is widely used in dust collecting system

Centrifugal fan has a wide range in air pressure and flow rate. it is warmly welcomed by manufacturers of dust collecting system all over the world.

Centrifugal fan used in dust collecting system

Centrifugal fan is widely used in dust collecting system in factory, mining, electric power, cement industry etc.

Some features of centrifugal fan produced in Huadong

Centrifugal fan is also widely used as other brand products, but it still has some special features different with others.

4-72 series centrifugal fan

4-72 series centrifugal fan is widely used in every industry, now let’s have a brief study of it.

The difference between centrifugal fan and rotary blower

The centrifugal fan and rotary blower have many points in common, such as their same function in aeration. But they still have many differences with each other.
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