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Some cooperation parts with Blast furnace roots blower

Metallurgy is a process that iron mine turns into liquid iron. In this process‚ it needs many equipment operating in their good condition. Only in this way‚ the blast furnace could produce iron in high quality.

The design position of blast furnace roots blower

The blower should be close to the blast furnace‚ and keeping some space to fit for more blast furnace. When the iron-works want to build a thermal power station‚ they always take full use of their roots blower to make a thermal blast station.

Huadong Roots Blower --widely used in blast furnace

Roots blower used in Blast furnace often play such a role--to convey the air into hot-blast furnace‚ and take hot air out into blast furnace.

Biogas roots blower/special gas conveying roots blower

Huadong Roots blower can be widely used in many industries‚ today we can talk about its special usage in biogas conveying.

To be a better manufacturer of roots blower in China

It’s really easy to be a manufacturer‚ but it’s much more difficult to be a professional manufacturer and exist in the market for a longer time. Huadong Blower is fighting for such a goal--to be the better professional manufacturer of roots blower in China!!

Huadong Blower---a professional manufacturer of roots blower in China

As a professional manufacturer of roots blower in China‚ Huadong Blower has been in developing day by day. You can see our company is in great vitality everyday.

Huadong Blast furnace roots blower

Huadong blast furnace roots blower is widely used in electric power, cement, or metallurgy industry, to providing enough oxygen for the burning and forming a condition in a pressure to transport the gas going out through funnel.

HDSR series roots blower used in furnace blast

 HDSR series roots blower is widely used in many industries, expect in sewage treatment, aeration for factory, pneumatic conveying, etc, it also takes great parts in blast furnace system. 

The components of pneumatic conveying system

The pneumatic conveying system is a complicated system, but actually, it can be divided into several main parts.

The usage of pneumatic conveying system in food industry

Pneumatic conveying system is widely used in many industries. Food producing industry is one of them, in this field, the pneumatic conveying system is taken full use of.
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